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Alright. So, it's time for me to do what a moderator should do, and input some work. So....uh, here.

clickity-click!Collapse )

And that's about it for now.
OKie, I'm going to use cuts from now on because this is messing up my friend's page:

clickyCollapse )

(P.S. - I Just mount them as I see them... they're technically not lopsided or anything... but I can fix it if ya want)

One of my personal favourites:

I think I may start cutting these sexier images...

Seductive Lethe
Still teasing you guys :P

Craig's Dream

here goes...

Well, I thought I'd start off with a nice sensual pic, (hentai soon to come) so here goes...

Craig and Lethe

R.O.D. problems

AH! I haven't done anything to this community whatsoever. Sorry, guys. I DO have a lot of hentai pics but I have to scan them. And all I'm doing with it are scaring people and scarring them for life...geez. I feel bad for them, NOT! And now they're all going "Pervert" or "My virgin eyes" so what if I am? ^^

I hade an idea!

You know what I was thinking?

RPG! w00t!

oh and Fare, ya gotta give me some pics to scan, and I'll post them in here, but, yeah, ya gotta give me them first! :P

a subject no subject

Thanks for telling me you dorkusses, I had to find it for myself!!! haha just kidding. cool, is there other people we can get to join???


HAHAH!!!! First post of the journal!!! Whoo...isn't this fun...yay...*silent party in head* I'm just gonna go now...HI!!!